Winnie the Pooh

You may dress up as the Christopher Robin to the Pooh or Piglet that your children will be this year for Halloween. The Winnie the Pooh Costumes are cute outfits designed after the many characters within this children's story and cartoon series. Your children will be so excited when they discover one of these costumes waiting for them. The Pooh costumes may be ordered in infant sizes, and they are plush jumpsuits that have attached red shirts and character hoods in the shape of Pooh's smiling face. There are also infant sizes for other well known characters, such as Piglet. You'll fill up the memory card on your camera from taking pictures of your child all day.

Tigger is perhaps the one character that your child will most resemble. Seeing as kids are already prone to bouncing and talking excitedly, the Tigger jumpsuits will be the ideal outfits for any children to wear. The costumes have attached character hoods that resemble this lovable character. Your child will want to wear a Tigger costume whenever he or she watches one of the films or the cartoon show.

While other children will be dressed up in ironic or scary outfits, your child will fully utilize his or her cuteness to an advantage. So much candy will be coming your child's way this year.

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