The Incredibles

Join the superhero crime fighting family The Incredibles with the help of our The Incredibles Costumes collection. This category includes recreations of the superhero jumpsuits the superhuman family members wear in the film. For fans of the film and of the superhero genre, this is a great choice for a Halloween ensemble.Released in 2004, The Incredibles is a computer animated family and action movie.

The Incredibles Costumes - Women's Mrs. Incredible Costume

Women's Mrs. Incredible Costume

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The Incredibles Costumes - Girl's Mrs. Incredible Costume

Girl's Mrs. Incredible Costume

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The story revolves around Mr. Incredible and his family. In the recent past, a relocation program was put in place for all superheroes because of the collateral damage they caused to the cities they served in. Mr. Incredible is now living a normal life in the suburbs, but finds his humdrum job agonizing. By taking on crime again, Mr. Incredible is eventually led to fight off an old nemesis who instigated him out of retirement. It becomes a family affair shortly after Mr. Incredible is captured and in danger, and the rest of his superhero family comes to help and save the day. His elastic wife, super fast son, and invisible daughter all come to the rescue and work together as a team to defeat the evil Syndrome villain. This movie was wildly entertaining and a huge success at the box office. The theme of a family of superheroes made it a great kids movie for parents to bring them to. This light comedy had its share of thrilling action as well and the film has amassed a ton of fans. If you want to join this super family, just browse through our Incredibles Costume collection. The super suits are red and black with a yellow belt attached to the suit and a black and yellow 'i' logo for Incredibles on the chest. The boys and men's jumpsuit features foam padding to mock muscle definition for a fun look.

You can dress up like any member of the family with our adult men and women Incredibles jumpsuit and a girls and women's version. This costume also makes a great couples' costume idea and if you could get the whole family to dress up and match that would be, well, incredible.

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