Slipknot is a heavy metal band, known as much for their aggressive music as they are for their on-stage appearance. The members decided to wear matching jumpsuits and unique masks, to separate themselves from the music. They claimed that it lets them focus on what makes the music powerful, and keeps them as totally separate entities. If you're a huge fan of Slipknot, then you'll need one of our Slipknot Costumes These costumes consist of the band's signature jumpsuits, as well as their cool masks. You can become your favorite band member from your favorite era, as the band has been around since 1995. The band members have remained constant, aside from the founding bassist, Paul Gray, who passed in 2010. But the band has continued making music, now in tribute to Gray's memory.

Slipknot Costumes - Chris Slipknot Mask

Chris Slipknot Mask

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133 Slipknot Mask

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Fans of Slipknot are some of the most intense fans in the world. Many concerts have had to be stopped in order to regain control of the crowds, due to the intense nature of the band's music and personalities. Other bands have worn masks before as part of their gimmick, but Slipknot has a much larger, much more devout cult following than many other bands like them do. They have also stated that the masks are not meant to be a gimmick, but that they are very important to their music making process. Many critics are skeptical of this, but real believers in the power of this band's music know that the band members are right, and that the masks are very meaningful.

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