Dress up warmly on Halloween by wearing a Russian Costume. These outfits are based on assorted Russian outfits across history. These red and black costumes will be bold and unique among the other type of outfits your friends will be wearing at the party. These costumes are reminiscent of the dangers and espionage that was rampant during the Cold War era. You'll look like you're a member of the KGB and other Soviet administrations when wearing the outfits featuring faux fur lining and large military style hats. Your comrades will find this costume very interesting and may potentially sell you out to the CIA, so do be careful.

Russian Costumes - Russian Men's Costume in Black

Russian Men's Costume in Black

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Russian Costumes - Russian Women's Costume in Black

Russian Women's Costume in Black

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Other costumes feature the style of clothing worn by the Cossacks, a people who live in the strip of land bordering the Caspian and Black Seas. These costumes also feature faux fur lining and interesting hats. Russian history is long and fascinating, so you have many different types of people you can dress up as across the nation's history. You'll certainly receive tons of praise from other partygoers at the next Halloween party you attend.

The Russian costumes are unique and will keep you warm during those potentially cold October nights. You'll be impressed by how cool you'll look and so this costume will be in your collection for many years to come.

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