Pimps And Hos

You don't have to go to the corner to find out what it takes to be a pimp, just grab one of our pimps and hos costumes. Whether you plan on being a pimp or a ho, you can't really go wrong with these extravagant looks that everyone is going to love. Find out just what it takes to be a hardworking pimp this Halloween. Make sure you're keeping your pimp hand strong when you wear these outfits that make you look like a classic pimp. It's rare that someone could pull off bright colors and zebra print, but every pimp seems to have a knack for it. See if you can do with these outfits that will make you feel like a boss. Either show up to the party with a ho, or try and find some there.

Pimps & Hos Costumes - Adult Big Daddy Pimp Costume

Adult Big Daddy Pimp Costume

Our Price: $53.99
In Stock
Pimps & Hos Costumes - Slip Slidin' Pimp Costume for Men

Slip Slidin' Pimp Costume for Men

Our Price: $64.79
In Stock

Jay-Z said it best, ladies are pimps too. We didn't forget about you! We sell several women pimp costumes that you can use to turn the tables and run the corner. You'll bring in tons of money as these male hos are going to come running after you. Pimps need their accessories to show off their riches, so don't forget to add golden pimp canes and more to the mix.

Work on your hustling skills and make sure you don't get caught. Pimping ain't easy, but these outfits will sure make it look like it is. You'll definitely be big pimping this entire Halloween when you show up dressed in one of our many pimps and hos costumes. If you want to feel like a pimp, this is the best way to do it, so don't miss out.

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