Wrap yourself up in something terrifying this Halloween, and go with one of our Mummy Costumes for both genders and all ages. You can wrap yourself in toilet paper, and deal with your attire falling off and getting messed up, all night, or you can put on one of these detailed zombie get-ups, and look like the real deal. There are also a couple of styles to choose from. You can be a mummy who is fully encased in his or her wrapping and can only stumble around and groan, or you can be an Egyptian king who broke free from his wraps and is here to haunt the present.

Mummy Costumes - Mummy Costume for Children

Mummy Costume for Children

Our Price: $29.99
In Stock
Mummy Costumes - Teen Girl's Cute Mummy Costume

Teen Girl's Cute Mummy Costume

Our Price: $40.99
In Stock
Mummy Costumes - Mysterious Mummy Costume for Girls

Mysterious Mummy Costume for Girls

Our Price: $40.49
In Stock

Our Egyptian royalty outfits, mixed with a little bit of zombie or bloody makeup, would be perfect for this look. We also have enticing half mummy outfits for women, which show off a little more skin. The choice is yours on what kind of living dead you want to be. Aside from costumes, we also have mummy props and decorations. Hang a cocooned man upside down from the tree outside of your house, or sit an animated mummy decoration on your front porch. You're sure to freak out your neighbors when these props come to life.

A mummy design is a cheap and classic Halloween outfit idea. They've been featured in horror movies for as long as scary movies have been along. These outfits are the definition of an oldie but a goodie. Buy a mummy costume, and have a fun, fright filled time this Halloween.

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