Michael Myers

Halloween is all about getting scares, and you will have no problem doing that in one of these iconic Michael Myers costumes. As one of the classic horror movie villains, people will know who you are this holiday. Maybe the most frightening out of the horror wave of Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers wields a butcher knife and kills anyone in his path. There's no real reason for why you are as evil as you are, and that is the true allure of the story. Be a child sent from the devil, and dress up as this psychopath.

Michael Myers Costumes - Gone Mental Costume for Boys

Gone Mental Costume for Boys

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Michael Myers Costumes - Michael Myers Men's Costume

Michael Myers Men's Costume

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Michael Myers Costumes - Prop Butcher Knife

Prop Butcher Knife

Our Price: $2.97
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One of the best things about the Halloween movie design is that it's a cheap and easy one to get down. All it involves is a mask and a mechanic suit. We have Michael Myers' masks by themselves and ones that come with the suit. You can also decide between ones that are just pale white and ones that have blood splattered on them. You might want to check out our accessories for some fake blood capsules, to spread around your outfit and make it look like you just got done murdering a bunch of teenagers. Also, don't forget your murder weapon, and check out our props for a butcher knife.

This is the year you finally get to your sister, and kill Laurie Strode. Get the ensemble that will make you classic, terrifying, and impossible to kill. Buy one of our Michael Myers costumes, and you will have a terrifying outfit you can wear for this Halloween and plenty to come.

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