Kick Ass

Kick some ass this Halloween, with one of our Kick Ass Costumes! Kick Ass is a movie about a teenager who is sick of seeing the rampant crime in the city, so he takes to the streets with two batons and a green costume. He may not start off with overwhelming success, but he learns the ropes and teams up with Hit Girl and Big Daddy, a father-daughter crime-fighting duo. The movie is a ton of fun, and is guaranteed to make your costume a huge hit. Everybody knows the characters, making it perfect for a fun Halloween costume. And with superheroes being as popular as they are right now, dressing as one who isn't from The Avengers will win your points for creativity and originality.

Kick Ass Costumes - Child Dead Man Rockin Costume

Child Dead Man Rockin Costume

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Kick Ass costumes are pretty easy. Hit Girl is a short skirt, leggings, purple top, and some prop ninja weapons. Kick Ass is just the green jumpsuit with yellow trim, and his two batons. Because of this, the costumes do not restrict mobility, or present you with some annoying gimmick. There's no reason why superhero costumes have to be complicated. Kick Ass is just an ordinary guy, who decides to take matters into his own hands. While I don't recommend you try to do that, it does mean that the costume should be pretty easy for a normal guy like you to get into.

Evil strikes when you least expect it, so be prepared with our amazingly cool Kick Ass costumes!

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