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Add some green to your outfit with St. Patrick's Day beads and necklaces. These items are fun, stylish, and perfect for wearing all day or at a pub or party. They even make great party favors. You've got to wear something green on St. Patty's Day, but not everyone wants to put on a costume. A simple beaded necklace is going to show that you have Irish spirit and pride without forcing you to pull out all the stops.

Beads & Necklaces - Green Megaphone on Beaded Chain

Green Megaphone on Beaded Chain

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In Stock
Beads & Necklaces - Irish Mini Beer Mug Beads

Irish Mini Beer Mug Beads

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Beads & Necklaces - Green Bucket O Beads (72-piece)

Green Bucket O Beads (72-piece)

Our Price: $19.99
In Stock

The shamrock has been the symbol of Ireland for hundreds of years and the symbol of St. Patrick's Day for even longer. So naturally we have shamrock necklaces. Some of the symbol as a bead and one even has a large shamrock medallion hanging from it. If you're throwing a party, hosting a pub crawl, or just want to make sure everyone in the office gets into the spirit of the holiday, then a bucket o'beads is a great way to give everyone a necklace as a party favor. Each bucket comes with 60 beaded shamrock necklaces, making it easy to make sure everyone gets one. Drinking is a big part of the holiday too. Wear a mini bear mug necklace and you'll always have a glass to drink from. There's even a necklace made of huge hollow beads you can fill with your favorite beverage and drink using an attached straw.

A great way to wear green is by getting one of our St. Patrick's day beads or necklaces. Get one, or get enough for everyone.

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