Evil Doctor Props

Concoct a potion of madness with our evil doctor Halloween props! Nothing is more unsettling than the image of a doctor riddled with insanity – syringes, blood-stained white lab coats, and body parts scattered around a room that was once as sterile as a doctor's office. These are the terrifying images that our mad doctor items can create. Whether you want to bring to life the maddening creativity of your mind or live out the fantasy of an evil doctor, we have the necessary decorations that can make it happen.

Evil Doctor Props - Glowing Radioactive Syringe

Glowing Radioactive Syringe

Our Price: $8.97
Out of Stock
Evil Doctor Props - 10 Pc. Mad Lab Halloween Decoration Kit

10 Pc. Mad Lab Halloween Decoration Kit

Our Price: $29.99
Out of Stock
Evil Doctor Props - Hanging Zombie Doctor 6' Prop

Hanging Zombie Doctor 6' Prop

Our Price: $79.99
Out of Stock

Nearly everyone has felt the fear of a doctor's office. The fluorescent lights make the tools shine and twinkle. The doctor smiles and tells you it will only hurt for a second. But what if he snaps and finds experimenting with your mind is much more entertaining? These are the questions that our evil doctor Halloween props help answer. Give yourself the freedom to enjoy a dark medical career for a night with this maniacal collection.

All of our scary doctor Halloween props are built to give you a near authentic experience. Create a frightful atmosphere for your haunted house event or theme party, and give your guests and visitors something to remember forever... Or take their memories away – your choice.

With these evil doctor Halloween props, anything is possible with a little patience and practice.

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