Coffin Props

Capture the essence of death with our Halloween coffin props! Many people have a fear of dying, but that is not the only scare tactic that coffins encapsulate. There are also many people who fear the unknown, so a closed coffin is frightening to them because they have no idea what might be inside. With such a large selection of Halloween coffin props, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Coffin Props - Burial Skeleton Pall Bearer Set

Burial Skeleton Pall Bearer Set

Our Price: $86.99
Out of Stock
Coffin Props - Full size Wood Look Coffin

Full size Wood Look Coffin

Our Price: $36.99
Out of Stock

A traditional coffin is great, but nothing can match the spookiness of our animated coffin props. Imagine walking toward a coffin, admiring the polished wood, then a vampire leaps out of it and screams with its dagger-like fangs. It shocks your heart and gets it racing faster than a hypersonic jet. You can easily recreate this scene with any one of the animated Halloween coffin props we have to offer you.

While the quality of our Halloween items is extremely high, the prices are not, especially for the quality being offered to you. Whether you decide to purchase an animated coffin or a terrifying non-animated one, all of our Halloween coffin props can help you achieve a truly horrifying holiday.

So be sure to bury your fears in one of these items today!

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