Halloween Props

The effort put into a haunted house can make or break parties. Costume and makeup can only go so far. A truly frightful party needs decor to set the mood. A few pumpkins and some cobweb isn't going to do it. Without the right assortment of Halloween Props and Decorations your guests and trick-or-treaters will be left feeling unsatisfied and bored - the total opposite of what October 31st is all about. When you are the haunted host, the impression you make should be nightmarish at best.

To optimize the look and feel of your party, think about it from a guests’ point-of-view. The first thing they see is the outside of your house, so that is where you need to initially focus your creative efforts. If you have a lawn, turn it into a festering pit of zombies attempting to break free from the earth, or a nest of spiders with human body parts caught in the web. You want people driving by to see it and say, "That house is spooky."

Next, you need to provide your guests with that special "Wow!" moment when they enter your house. Fear is all about creating an environment where individuals feel like they are no longer living among the living, but it takes a special combination of lighting effects, wall props, music, and home décor to fully captivate your partying ghouls. You want your guests’ hands to drop off your doorknob the moment their eyes fill with the luscious sights of your spooky Halloween props.

Now that your guests are in your house, you need to keep the thrill going. If you have a garage, turn it into a ‘body shop,’ and decorate your car with bloody handprints. The kitchen and the bathroom are also a great place to cause a fright. The environment should intrigue some and disturb others, creating an effect where people find it almost impossible not to comment on something in your ghoulish house.

When it comes down to it, there are no actual rules for regulating a room’s vibe or spookiness. You are the sole creator, the one who decides what does and does not make the horror cut. Guests can sense when someone had fun with the decorating process – they feel it from the moment they step into the room. As long as you had a blast, your creative energy will carry over into your guests, who will appreciate the time and effort that went into creating their party environment. It's that simple.

At this point, your party or haunted house should be ready for any party worthy of waking the dead because you have purchased one or more of these spooky Halloween props.

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