All Hallows' Eve facial covers are the crème de la crème of looking your scariest on the spookiest night of the year. Here at, we offer the largest selection of costumes and we also have your face covered as well. Whether you are looking for something spooky, spunky, or spectacularly spicy, your mask is here, waiting for you to claim it.

October 31st is the one time of the year when you wish your normal face would go away and your angst-, blemish-ridden teenage face would return. Unfortunately, modern science has yet to produce what so many movies filmed in the ‘80s were based around - a time machine. But, for one whole night, our over-the-head facial covers transport you out of the world of jobs, school, and limited sources of candy, and into something resembling the Thriller music video.

This frightful night brings together a whole community – something few other holidays can achieve. Kids love it because of the treats, costumes, and trick-or-treating and the adults love it for the exact same reasons. Halloween holds this wild mysticism, where people are allowed to look like whatever they want for a whole night. There is no other day in the year when you are allowed to dress like an axe wielding murderer or mythical creature and have people actually applaud your offbeat creativity.

Finding the perfect costume for this fateful day of feverish frolicking instills the same excitement as finding a twenty dollar bill in an old pair of jeans. The match of costumes and facial covers heighten the whole holiday experience for you and everyone around you. It is our hope that we can help you achieve this transcendental transformation with one of our many spooky products.

Here at, we are a little sick in the head about our frightful goodies. Some people may look at a mask and see plastic and paint, but we look at them and see horrifying works of art.

These are not merely playthings for children or slightly inebriated adults. A mask is designed to evoke a specific image and emotion, giving you the ability to completely customize your October 31st experience.

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