Halloween Novelties

Halloween novelties make it easy to plan out your party favors. Whether you are throwing a party for adults or kids, or simply need some novelty items to improve your decorations, we have the best collection of Halloween items that can help make it happen. Check out our stock for Halloween gifts, novelty toys, and decorations to make this year's event unforgettable. We have a variety of items that will allow you to enjoy your party or event along with your guests..

Halloween Novelties - Green 6 Inch Glow Stick

Green 6 Inch Glow Stick

Our Price: $1.97
In Stock
Halloween Novelties - Inflatable Cooler Treasure Chest

Inflatable Cooler Treasure Chest

Our Price: $21.99
In Stock
Halloween Novelties - Movie Clapboard Prop

Movie Clapboard Prop

Our Price: $10.97
Out of Stock
Halloween Novelties - Glowing Radioactive Syringe

Glowing Radioactive Syringe

Our Price: $8.97
Out of Stock
Halloween Novelties - Pumpkin Carving Kit

Pumpkin Carving Kit

Our Price: $7.99
Out of Stock

While all the other houses hand out candy, you can hand out novelty toys – items that last longer than one night. The kids will take a toy home and enjoy it for weeks to come, while the candy does nothing but rot their teeth. Any one of our Halloween novelties can help enhance someone's holiday experience. Take your time and appreciate the shopping experience, because someone else will appreciate all of the time you took picking out your favors.

With so much spook and scare involved in the holiday, it only makes sense that our Halloween novelties follow this trend. Hand them out to your friends, family members, or neighborhood trick-or-treaters and watch as faces alight with excitement. The low cost of our Halloween novelties helps you keep guests and visitors excited without having to break the bank.

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