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Like the song goes, "thank heaven for little girls" because they look so adorable when they get dressed up in frilly outfits. Halloween is the holiday made with girls in mind. With so many girl's costumes that range from super girly to super hero, you can shoe to her heart's content to find perfect outfit for a Halloween party, trick-or-treating for just for the fun of dressing up. The best part of being a kid is playing pretend and using your imagination. Girls can explore many fun scenarios through costumed play. It actually helps them grow to be more confident and smarter adults.

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As for some of the styles that you can choose from, there are over 65 categories within the girls' costumes section of this site. Everything from Disney princess dresses to period costumes from colonial times all the way to the 20s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Since girls can do everything that boys can but better, be sure to check out the superhero costumes too. It goes on and on from there - horror outfits like zombies, TV finds like the Monster High girls, funny outfits such as candy and crayon dresses and there are even costumes for every holiday of the year. From little girls just out of the toddler faze all the way to pre-teens you can find the age appropriate items at a great price.

There is no limit to the many costumes a girl can wear. Likewise, any occasion, not just Halloween, is a good reason to get all dressed up. Purchase one costume for Halloween and maybe even a few others, along with some accessories to add to the toy box.

The name of our website might be scary but our girl's costumes are as cute as can be.

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