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What are two of the biggest focuses for boys these days? If you look to pop culture you will see that boys are heavily influences by characters from games and TV. As you browse through our very large selection of boy's Halloween costumes you will see these characters come to life in many forms. Superheroes, TV characters, horror figures, humorous get ups and many others are represented here. With our boys costumes, we've got both bases covered. He can don Spider-Man outfits when he wants to be Peter Parker, whether it is based on the film version of the cartoon show. Your kid can be Harry Potter and fend off He Who Must Not Be Named with Peter Pan, Pikachu, and Jack Sparrow. We even have a full swath of Pixar characters, including Nemo, The Incredibles, and the cast of Cars.

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Add to our variety of these costumes for boys with our related accessories. Get a whip for Indiana Jones, a lightsaber for Luke Skywalker, or a grappling hook for Batman. Since so much of what kids like is always shown on TV, they'll be sure to be excited to wear any number of the outfits in this category. Whether it is a brand new character and classic Halloween icon or a very unique costume, we have boy's outfitted from head to toe.

One thing is for sure: Your boy will be the best costumed kid on the block for trick-or-treating this year because you shopped here.

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