Green Hornet

If you are into comics then you will love our Green Hornet costumes. By day you are Britt Reid, but by night you are the crime fighting millionaire who wants to stick up for the everyday man. Or you can be his kung-fu sidekick who is the brains and the muscle behind the operation. These outfits aren't just exclusive for men. We also have sexy women's Kato and Green Hornet costumes.

Green Hornet Costumes - Women's Sexy Kato Green Hornet Costume

Women's Sexy Kato Green Hornet Costume

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Green Hornet Costumes - Deluxe Green Hornet Costume for Men

Deluxe Green Hornet Costume for Men

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The movie might have been a bust, but you will sure be a hit in one of these Green Hornet costumes for men and women. What originally started off as a radio show was cool enough to blow up into a comic book, a TV series, and a big budget movie, so you know you'll be popular in one of our designs. Talk about your awesome car, the Black Beauty, and be one of the cooler super heroes there are. With the green eye mask and all black suits, you'll be the definition of slick. Women, your super hero disguises will be a bit more skimpy and dangerous. You won't need superpowers with how seductive you'll be.

Play the good guy this Halloween, and be a character you don't see too often at parties. It will be fun to be original and creative. Style yourself after the amazing Green Hornet, and grab a friend to play your sidekick Kato, and this Halloween night will be a blast.

Don't let the bad guys win. Buy a Green Hornet costume, and use all that money and power of yours for good.

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