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World Goth Day

Today, May 22, marks the celebration known as World Goth Day, a day in which people across the world celebrate all things pertaining to the Goth culture. The celebration began, according to the day’s unofficial website, back in 2009, when the BBC6 Music weekend was celebrating various genres of music. May 22, as it so happened, focused on the Gothic genre. The rest is history.

Since the first day in 2009, World Goth Day has gone on to expand from its British roots to the rest of the world. As stated on the Huffington Post, Club nights across the UK and USA are set to take part in Goth night. Events in Cape Town, California, Maine will draw in hundreds of leather-clad, makeup-laden party-goers, while in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, there will be a fundraiser for the Sophie Lancaster Trust.

(Sophie Lancaster was bullied and killed because of her Gothic image. Sophie’s mother, along with numerous subcultures, created the charitable trust to combat prejudice and hate.)

Since May 22 often falls on a Wednesday, the World Goth Day unofficial website says, “It’s understood that May 22nd might not be a convenient date for everyone to celebrate Goth Day (let’s face it; Wednesdays are a ghost-ship for any event at the best of times), so it’s more of a guideline than a hard & fast rule. Most good events happen on a weekend, but we’ll cross that bridge as the years go by.”

Maybe you could be crossing that very bridge this weekend.

If there was every a time when wearing intense makeup and dying your hair was appropriate, today is that day. Gather up your friends, throw on your darkest clothing, and party until the sun descends and rises again.