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Ninja Wedding Crashers

If you are unfamiliar with Ninja Wedding Crashing, please check it out here:

Click to play: Ninja Wedding Crashers

The bride is super hot and the groom is awesome for dressing like a zorro pirate. You can bet if you crash a wedding like this dressed as a ninja, you’ll snag some super hot bridesmaids. Ladies, if you hate your bridesmaid dresses, showing up as a ninja is a good way to protest bad style. However you won’t be going home with anyone if you fight like the dudes in this video. The karate chopping and half kicks get old real quick. Throw some roundhouse kicks and break dance moves in there somewhere. Brush up on some old Jackie Chan movies to get your blood pumping.

Ninja Warrior Elite Collection Adult Costume

For those of us who know many reasons why certain couples should not get married, may I suggest Ninja Wedding Crashing. First, make sure you are dressed the part. The ninjas in the previous video were lame. Let’s not bring down the wedding and mock the bride and groom by being a half ass ninja. Frightcatalog has all your ninja needs. Ideally, you could borrow a classroom of children and dress them as ninjas. When the time is right, you and your child ninja herd storm into the wedding and take over. After all, whats freakier then mass amounts of little people in ninja costumes?

Remember, the key to being a ninja is being stealth. You must be able to go unnoticed until the moment you wish you magically appear. Also, have your ninja supplies ready for action. Go in, destroy, get out. That is the ninja code. Additionally, arrange for really awesome video game fighter music to play when you make your entrance.

The ninja wedding crashing can also be played out at complete strangers weddings. You may get seriously injured and/or arrested, but boy would that be a story to tell! There is actually talk of making a ninja wedding crashers movie. It would be a sequel to the original Wedding Crashers, only much much better. No, I’m joking. But it would be really cool. I’d see it.


Disclaimer: For the stupid people:

As usual, for those of you who believe every word I say to be completely factual, let me be the first to say that you are an idiot. No, I do not believe Elmo is a terrorist, I was just being random and weird. No, I do not believe in eating babies, I’m just a weirdo and found it funny. No, I also don’t think it’s right to go running around in ninja costumes and crashing the most special day in someone’s life…. but if you did it I’d think you were wicked cool. However, I am not promoting it. Some people need to take a strange article at face value. I, nor frightcatalog, am responsible for your blind following of my rediculous plots and suggestions derived from my articles.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more articles and insane suggestions which come from my completely eccentric mind.