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The Ultimate Trick

Kids are always getting into trouble.

Their young, rambunctious energy leaves them vulnerable to the effects of boredom. While television and video games have helped alleviate these dull, uneventful fits of youthful boredom, they have not completely done away with them. There are still kids out there that find themselves pulling pranks or, in today’s case, trying to perform the “ultimate trick.”

And I’ve got to say, they definitely have the drive and determination to pull off this trick. Even after failing three times, these kids still return for another try. No Halloween props are involved, but it is still too astonishing for words.

Let’s watch:

Attempt #1

Ah, so the “ultimate trick” is pulling the cloth off the table while leaving the items still on the table. Easy enough, right? I’ve seen this in movies, even tried to do it myself. I never got it right, of course, but let’s see if they can pull it off.

Attempt #2

Bigger items, that’s definitely an improvement. The larger the item, the more likely it would be to stay on the table, I guess. Unfortunately, it also makes it more difficult to pull out the cloth. Nice try, though, kids. Let’s see what they do next time.

Attempt #3

So close! Man, they were so close that time. Only a little more force and they are sure to pull off the “ultimate trick.” Keep trying, kids, I believe in you!

Attempt #4

What the hell – what the hell just happened!