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The Team Behind The Devil Inside Starts Work On Untitled Horror Project

And so it begins: due to the mass amount of money made with the initial box office release of The Devil Inside, the films co-writers William Brent Bell and Matthew Peterman are now starting on a new untitled horror project.

devil inside
Most audience members left the film feeling like this woman.

Sierra/Affinity and their partner Incentive Filmed Entertainment will fund and produce the project, while William Brent Bell will continue his work as the films director. Seeing as how The Devil Inside is currently sitting at a 6% on RottenTomatoes.com, maybe this time Bell will actually make a good movie and not rely on a heavy advertisement campaign to produce sales.

According to Variety.com, Details are under wraps other than the style of filmmaking the team brought to The Devil Inside [will] be applied to another horror mythology. So if you hated the found-footage style of The Devil Inside, you may want to stay clear of the next project created by Bell and Peterman.

In addition, the same producers that worked on The Devil Inside will see a return with this new project, which includes Steven Schneider, Matthew Peterman, and Morris Paulson.

The CEO of Sierra/Affinity, Nick Meyer, said, From day one we have been huge fans of this filmmaking team and the way they have crafted a unique movie-going experience with The Devil Inside. These are filmmakers we know and trust and they bring an original voice and style to our next project that will once again introduce audiences to a new expectation of what one can define as a genre film.

The Devil Inside: Horror, or Horrible?

If you were one of the unlucky many to see The Devil Inside this weekend, I am so, so sorry. Although the film pulled approximately $34.5 million in the box office, it also managed a meager 7% approval rating on RottenTomatoes.com.

To put that 7% into perspective, Twilight received a 49%, and that movie catches all kinds of flak. Someone must have sold their soul no pun intended – to get The Devil Inside to the #1 spot.

the devil inside

I admit that I did not see the movie this weekend, nor do I plan on seeing it anytime soon. Hell, not even Redboxs prices are low enough for this film. I watch a horror movie to be scared, not to have the horror come from actually sitting through the film.

But here’s the question: How did a movie this bad, this openly hated by critics, become the #1 seller in the box office? It had no 3-D elements, and there wasn’t a single blue alien fighting to save a tree.

Was it the nearly 4-minute red band trailer? Were people hoping the film would be like The Exorcist? Maybe it was the news of a filmgoer possessed during the premiere of the film. Whatever it was, this films box office results were clearly the product of masterful marking skills.

So now I want to hear from our audience members. Did anyone enjoy this film? Would you recommend that your friendly FrightCatalog.com blogger see the film and give an impression?

If enough people say yes, I’ll do it – I’ll watch a critically hated film, and then I’ll write about the experience.