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Horror Films in 30 Seconds…with bunnies.

That’s right todays topic involves cartoon bunnies recreating your favorite films, all within a 30-second time-frame. The creator of these 30-second bunny films is Jennifer Shiman, who is the sole creative talent voices, art, animation, story-boarding, writing behind the short films. She even recreates the scary costumes the original actors wore during the film. Dedication meets art, mixed with bunnies.

While the bunnies got their start as a small solo project, they have exploded into an Internet phenomena, attracting more then 25,000 unique hits every day. All of this popularity caught the attention of Starz Entertainment Group, who purchased the films and moved the bunnies to mainstream media. (If you subscribe to Starz, you may have seen these 30-second segments every now and again.)

Here are some 30-second horror recreations using Jennifer’s bunnies:

Evil Dead II



The Shining

The Exorcist

Texas Chainsaw Massacre



Twilight: New Moon

While Jennifers bunnies have recreated countless popular films, we are only showcasing the horror recreations. If you want to find more 30-second bunny films, click here: Angry Alien.