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Katy Perry, The Devil, and Religion

Sure, our Lady Gaga costumes will have you dancing the night away with your own Judas, but let’s take a minute to look at the other Pop Goddess out there: Katy Perry.

TLDR (Too long; didn’t read):

  • Katie Perry had a religious childhood.
  • Her mother forbade saying anything with the word “devil” in the phrase.
  • She believes she is an artichoke and tastes like melted butter.
  • Her music is infectious.
  • And she wants her ashes shot out of a firework.

Love her or hate her, Perry’s music infects the sound waves at such a frequency that I can’t even drive two miles without hearing her yell about fireworks or alien love affairs. But amidst all of her desires to kiss women, dream of teenagers, and live the Californian gurls lifestyle lies a religious background quite contradictory to her lyrical themes.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Perry said, My career is like an artichoke. People might think that the leaves are tasty and buttered up and delicious, and they don’t even know that they’re something magical hidden at the base of it. There’s a whole other side [of me] that people didn’t know existed.

While the statement may seem awkward and meaningless, Perry seems to be implying that there is more to her than the musical promotion of a gluttonous, whimsical lifestyle. She has a core of values that have helped shape who she has become, which now seeps deep into her music. Or, maybe she believes she really is as awkward as an artichoke, as delicious as melted butter, with a hidden core of magic lying deep within her. Who knows?

Kary Perry devil
Nope, no artichoke awkwardness here.

I didn’t have a childhood, she said, claiming that her mother never let her read books other than the Bible. She was also not allowed to say deviled eggs or Dirt Devil vacuums, because of the implied evil inherit in the word devil. She was also forbid from owning secular music, so she had to sneak CDs from friends. This led her down a path of strong, slightly overbearing Christian values, which may explain for her explosive, in-your-face musical tones.

I think sometimes when children grow up, their parents grow up. Mine grew up with me. We coexist. I don’t try to change them anymore, and I don’t think they try to change me. We agree to disagree. They’re excited about [my success]. They’re happy that things are going well for their three children and that they’re not on drugs. Or in prison.

As someone who has gone astray from my parents’ upbringing, I can relate to Katy’s openness about her family. It is a strange and mystical feeling to grow up and away from those that raised you, even when you have no idea whether it is right or wrong. For Katy Perry, and for countless others out there, it has been the right decision.

Final Note: Katy Perry has openly stated that she wants her ashes shot out of a firework over the Santa Barbara coast. Maybe this has been the true meaning to Firework the whole time? I know if I was dead, I’d feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again.