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Homemade Freddy Krueger Glove

Let’s talk for a minute about one’s dedication to Halloween costumes.

Obviously, here at FrightCatalog, we love us some costumes. The things are everywhere, and we’re practically swim in them. It’s ridiculous. And we love seeing individuals that have the passion and drive to create a homemade costume worth bragging about – costumes that are better than a white sheet with two holes cut out for the eyes. I mean, if that’s your costume this year, that’s great, I guess, but you better hope not to end up at the same Halloween party at this guy: aphatos, who earlier today posted step-by-step instructions on how he created a custom Freddy Krueger glove. (All captions are his directions on how the glove was created.)

Check it out:

the first thing i did was take apart one of the plastic gloves and trace the shapes for the fingers onto chipboard for a template (cardboard basically) to make sure the size was good, the smaller on if for the pinky.
i used a piece of 1 inch round bar and a dead-blow hammer to shape the metal. a dead-blow is a soft face hammer and wont mar the metal.
i did the same for the tips of the fingers, then used rapid rivets to make the hinges. you can't use pop rivets because they will lock the joints, and your fingers won't move...
again, i made a template for the blades from chipboard, then transferred the shape to the metal
i used a grinder and a flap disc to shape the blades
after i had the shape i wanted, i welded the blades to the fingers using low heat, its east to burn holes in the metal when you're welding sheet metal this thin
i used the same 1 inch bar to bend strips of sheet metal around to make the rings
after the rings were on, i joined the fingers to the back plate using rapid rivets again. i also used a torch to distress the metal at this point. that means i heated it almost red hot, then threw it into a bucket of water
the sheet metal will warp from the welding, so i had to open the joints up a little to make the fingers move freely.