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5 Best Harry Potter Magical Items

With the release of the last Harry Potter movie only a couple weeks away, now is the time to look over some of the best Harry Potter magical items. Whether you have been a fan since the first book or own enough Harry Potter costumes to recreate the cast, these are the top six items from the mind of JK Rowlings.

Tom Riddles Diary

Imagine trapping a part of your soul within a diary. For as long as that diary exists, you can communicate with others from the outside world, so long as they decide to write you messages. In an interview, Rowling stated that a diary is a very scary object, saying, The temptation particularly for a young girl, is to pour out her heart to a diary. All of that information, all of those secrets, are forever displayed to whoever cares to read it, or write to you.

Write in your own Tom Riddle’s Diary!

Hermiones Handbag

While not quite as cool as keeping your soul in a diary, Hermiones handbag is one of the sweetest fictional creations. Not only does it have the capability of holding nearly an infinite amount of goods, it never increased in weight. If she ever stuck Harry inside of it, there would be no need for invisibility cloaks.

Bag. Hermione. Dramatic turn toward camera.

Blood Quill

Maybe its the writer in me, but the Blood Quill is a sadistically amazing invention. Used by Umbridge throughout the Order of the Phoenix as a disciplinary tool, the Blood Quill draws blood of out the users hand and uses it as ink. It is a very painful process that actually leaves Harry psychologically scarred in the later books his hand tingles whenever he hears Umbridges name.

Cloak of Invisibility

Sure, Hermiones handbag is capable of hiding nearly everything, but only the Cloak of Invisibility can actually hide the wearer from everything, even the effects of death. While other invisibility cloaks will actually lose their power overtime, the Cloak of Invisibility never ceases to hide the wearer. It is the absolute perfection of invisibility and only Harry Potter could be so responsible while wearing it.

“Y’all seen my movies?”

Resurrection Stone

The Resurrection Stone, the infamous object sought after for so many books, gives the wielder a power that could drive a man insane communication with the dead. At first glance, this power may seem to be astonishing. Any person who has ever died can be talked to while wielding the Resurrection Stone, but it can be more of a curse then a benefit. Imagine talking to your deceased lover, never able to hold them again. Ask Cadmus Peverell how that ended for him.

“One ring to rule them all!”