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Paul Karason: The Blue Man

At the age of 43, Paul Karason looked as normal as normal can be. However, he suffered from various negative health conditions, such as sinus problems, dermatitis, acid reflux, and so on. Did he go to the doctor for help though? Hell no that would be too easy. Paul Karason started brewing his own tonic made of colloidal silver, distilled water, and salt. But he didn’t drink this tonic once or twice per day. He drank gallons of this stuff per week for years.

paul karason

After 14 years of constantly drinking his special tonic, along with rubbing a silver salve on his skin, Paul Karason’s skin complexion had gone through an intensely gradual change. Paul said the change was so slow that neither him or his friends noticed it. I would love to try and explain what happened give scientific information and details and all that jazz but it’s easier to just show you. So here’s Karason as he looks now:

Paul Karason

I know what you’re thinking: Nope, not true. That’s a photoshopped photo, or he’s wearing Halloween makeup, or something. But it’s not true. Well, Naysayers, I thought the exact same thing, so I dug deeper. Here’s a CNN report on Karason’s self-inflicted condition:

So what!? One video doesn’t prove anything. The media lies all the time! Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down, Naysayers. There isn’t just one video and a creepy photo. Here’s a followup video of Paul Karason on MSNBC’s TODAY:

When Matt Lauer asked whether or not Paul is still drinking the colloidal silver tonic, Paul says very, very seldomly. (Seldomly is not a word, but I wouldn’t argue with a blue man.) If you want to see a side-by-side comparison of Paul before his use of colloidal silver and after, skip the video to 4:50.