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Get Ready for Halfoween!

Informally known as Halfoween, May 1st marks the halfway mark from one Halloween to the next. While not universally recognized, Halfoween is a great excuse to get excited about Halloween, either by dressing in costume, handing out candy, or generally encouraging horror shenanigans.

To get you in the mood for tomorrows Halfoween, today we’re showcasing imagery from the Whitby Gothic Weekend, an annual four-day event in England celebrating life’s darker, more mysterious side. Basically, the Whitby Gothic Weekend is a Halloween lover’s wet dream, featuring such things as drinking, dancing, music, and shopping, all with an alternative, horror-centric spin.

Enough chit-chat, let’s get pumped for Halfoween:

Attending guests wear clothing from various genres, including Romanticism, Victoriana, Cybergoth, and Steampunk.