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Angels of Death

My mom came to visit me in Hollywood from Boston this week. She is a registered nurse in the ICU at a General Hospital in my hometown. For some reason, having her around made me think of serial killer nurses.

Nurse Mercy Adult Costume

Nurses and doctors. We trust them with our lives. However, what better profession for sick individuals to get their rocks off in. If they are smart enough they can get their lust for killing satisfied but disguise it with medical overlay. They are dealing with critically ill patients anyway. Some serial killer types like to bring their patients to the brink of death and then magically “save them” so that they can get all the attention and glory for “saving a life”. Some like to push their patients that extra step to cross over to death and justify their actions by thinking that they are helping them die peacefully.

Night Nurse Nora Costume

Imagine you are in a hospital bed surrounded by various machines and pierced by needles and tubes running through your body. The nurse comes in and injects something into your IV. You assume it’s to make you feel better. Then you are overcome with incredible pain and you slip into and out of consciousness. What’s going on? You’ve been visited by one of the many Angels of Death that dwell in our hospitals today. She is taking joy from your pain. Being in charge of another human’s health and very life is the ultimate rush of control.

Here are some of the more famous Angels of Death:


Maria Gruber, Irene Leidolf, Stephanija Meyer, and Waltraud Wagner were Austrian nurses who worked at Lainz General Hospital in Vienna: Wagner (23) killed her first patient with an overdose of morphine in 1983. She found an overwhelming satisfaction in playing God. She recruited the other nurses and devised a new more “exciting” way to murder patients. One nurse would hold the patients head and plug his nose while the other would pour water in his mouth. The crime was unprovable since it wasn’t uncommon for elderly patients to die from fluid in their lungs. The nurses were caught when they bragged in a local tavern about their kills. They confessed to 49 murders over six years but may have been responsible for over 200.


Jane Toppan (1854 – 1938) – trained at Cambridge Hospital and even worked at the prestigious Massachusetts general Hospital. She was a “lust driven” serial killer. She experimented with different dosages of narcotics in patients and made up medical charts etc. to help get away with her deeds. She would lay in patients and hold their bodies to hers as they drifted in and out of consciousness before they would die. She derived sexual pleasure from being close to life as it was leaving the body. Jane eventually made a mistake which got her arrested. She confessed 31 murders to her lawyer and pleaded insanity. Jane spent the rest of her life committed to Taunton insane hospital.


Genene Anne Jones (born July 13, 1950) is a former pediatric nurse who killed somewhere between 11 and 46 infants and children in her care. She used injections of digoxin, heparin and later succinylcholine to induce medical crises in her patients, with the intention of reviving them afterward in order to receive praise and attention. These medications are known to cause heart paralysis and other complications when given as an overdose. Many children however, did not survive the initial attack and could not be revived. The exact number of murders remain unknown, as hospital officials destroyed records of her activities to prevent further litigation after Jones’ first conviction. Two murders put her behind bars for 99 years and 60 years on top of that but due to a prison overcrowding law in place at her time of conviction, she will be eligible for automatic parole in 2017.


Kristen Gilbert (born November 13, 1967 as Kristen Strickland in Fall River, Massachusetts) is an American serial killer who was convicted for three first-degree murders, one second-degree murder, and two attempted murders of patients admitted for care at the VAMC (“Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center”) in Northampton, Massachusetts. She killed her patients by injecting them with epinephrine, at the time a ward stock medication and a non-controlled substance, causing them to have heart attacks. Her goal was to bring patients to the point of cardiac arrest and then “save them” by demonstrating advanced nursing skills. She was convicted March 14, 2001 in federal court. She was sentenced to life in prison without the chance for parole plus 20 years.


Charles Edmund Cullen (born February 22, 1960) is a former nurse and the most prolific serial killer in New Jersey history. Cullen told authorities in December 2003 that he had murdered as many as 40 patients during the 16 years he worked at 10 hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Charles is serving eighteen consecutive life sentences in a New Jersey penitentiary. How was he able to go from hospital to hospital killing so many? Apparently, not one of those institutions gave Cullen a bad reference, or told other hospitals he was trouble. It amounted to a policy of “See no evil-speak no evil” one that gave Cullen, in effect, a license to kill.

Source: Wikipedia

There are unfortunately many more where this came from…

On the plus side though check out our “killer” collection of nurse costumes.

“Kill Me” Elmo

That furry red body, those crazed bug eyes, and that high pitched deceivingly innocent baby voice… it’s just not right I tell you.

I did my research on the little critter we’ve all grown to hate… Sesame Street’s own red devil, Elmo.

Elmo may seem innocent, but we know better. If you remember back in 2006, Elmo caused mass pandemonium with his “Tickle Me Elmo” toy. Christmas is hard enough without adding a hard to get $30 toy to the list. Parents literally almost killed each other to get their hands on this toy. Oh the things we do to appease the monster child. To be fair, perhaps the vibrating red doll didn’t just appeal to children… but that’s a different story.

If the “Tickle Me” craze wasn’t enough to make you hate Elmo, how about his potty training book? I recently came across an article from 2006 that discussed numerous complaints to the company in which the book said “Who wants to die?” instead of “Who wants to try to go potty?”

The name “Elmo” with the letters rearranged spells out “Mole”. This leads to only one conclusion. Elmo is a mole sent to the US by Iraq. They are using him to manipulate children and their parents to get all the Elmo toys/books/etc put in place in every home in America. Once this happens, every ticking time bomb Tickle Me Elmo will go off simultaneously….resulting in most catastrophic terrorist attack the US has never known.

Do not despair! There is hope! People are already starting to fight back…

It’s not too late for you to join the fight! Be proud to be an American!

We have a hero in our midst… and his name is Oscar the Grouch. As we all know, he is the most realistic character on the Sesame Street block. He reflects the modern world as we know it. Together, we shall rise out of our trash cans of idealism and shaded reality and fight for America. Start practicing today with the Elmo Pull String Pinata.

May the red, white, and blue be with you!

Your Halloween Harlot- Miss Cara Maria

Disclaimer: There is no proven link between Sesame Street or Elmo and Terrorism against America…just strange documented events that I’ve strung together to create something that probably isn’t there. Sesame Street please do not sue Fright Catalog. We know not what we do. This article is for entertainment purposes only… and the mass selling of your Elmo Pinatas.

10 Days of Torture: The Chair

Ultimate Electric Chair
Ultimate Electric Chair

Our 10 days of torture continue with day number two. Before the invention of our much beloved electric chair, there was a different seat to die on, something much more terrifying.

Let me introduce you to none other than the Chair of Torture. A simple and fitting name for this living room essential. The chair is made of solid metal and boasts hundreds of sharp spikes. There are straps and bars to keep your legs, feet, and torso uncomfortably secured at all times. All you need to do now is give your truthful confession, or just exactly what your torturer wants to hear and perhaps you may be mercifully granted a quick death. If, however, you don’t wisely choose your words, you may be subjected to a long, slow, indescribably barbaric and painful death.

Chair of Torture

If your torturer is feeling particularly frisky, he may sit on your body, piercing the spikes further into your flesh. He may also tighten the straps or push down on the bars for harsh concentrated pain. If he is feeling more than playful, he may warm your seat for you before you sit down. By warming your seat, I mean that he will use hot coals to heat the metal to a hellish fire temperature. This will make the nails more easily pierce your body and burn you from the inside out.

The chair was considered so horrific and terrifying that the accused would often commit suicide before even coming anywhere near the chair. Death could be dragged out for long periods of time due to the nails stopping the blood from completely flowing out. If you survived the chair, you would not survive the consequential infections that would ensue from contact with the rusty nails.

Your Halloween Harlot- Miss Cara Maria

Now, I’m sure you are asking yourself “where can I buy such an amazing piece of history?” Well, I’ve already looked into it and it seems that your local Pottery Barn is out of stock and unfortunately won’t be getting anymore in. However, Frightcatalog.com has several torture chairs for your personal enjoyment. Check out the new updated version of our classic Chair of Torture: the Ultimate Electric Chair. Your chair comes complete with a screaming, sniveling thrashing victim of your very own! Enjoy countless hours of shocking good times while your victim begs over and over again for mercy. You are the Torture Tornado. Put this thing in your living room and rest assured you will get the respect you deserve.

Happy Hunting.