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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: The Explanation of Ghost Hauntings?

While ghosts make great Halloween props, they don’t make the best housemates. Individuals sharing their space with a ghost often experience hallucinations, headaches, illness, feelings of dread, and even sudden death. But there could be a more easily explained reason for these sensations and ghastly sightings. Rather than looking toward the paranormal, we now look toward the scientific.

Carbon monoxide poisoning causes severe confusion and trauma to the brain. When exposed to high doses of carbon monoxide, an individual can suffer from dizziness, headaches, loss of judgment, nausea, and convulsions. All of these symptoms mess with the mind in some way, often leading to extreme visions and hallucinations. In some instances individuals experience dementia and extreme disassociation from reality.

A situation that could be confused for a ghost sighting.

In 2005, a 23-year-old victim of carbon monoxide poisoning was found delirious and hyperventilating. She told the paramedics who found her that she saw a ghost in the shower. One week before the accident occurred she had a new water heater installed in her house. It was installed incorrectly and was flooding excess carbon monoxide into the house. The ghost was a vision created out of her carbon monoxide induced hallucinations.

Countless individuals suffer from chronic low dose carbon monoxide poisoning, yet they are completely unaware of it. While these symptoms are not quite as intense, they are still vaguely similar to that of a ghost haunting: lightheadedness, depression, confusion, memory loss, nausea, vomiting, and headaches.

As a precaution, if you find yourself in the presence of a ghost, get your house inspected for carbon monoxide poisoning. It may kill the ghastly romanticism for you, but at least it won’t kill you.