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FrightCatalog.com Blow-Out Gore Sale: 42% Off!

So, Fright Fans, we may have possibly, maybe, accidentally ordered too many Torso On Hook props. Not a big deal, right? We thought so too.

But every morning we’re greeted by this guys eye lunging out of his head. We eat lunch and he’s watching us shovel mouthfuls of food. The last thing we see before we leave the office is, again, his bloody eye, right there on the hook, his face contorted in agony. We have whole hallways lined with these things, like a silent prop protest, and we just cant deal with it anymore.

torso on hook

To clear out the excess stock of Torso On Hook props, we’re initiating a FrightCatalog.com Blow-Out Gore Sale, which features a 42% price drop for this and only this prop!

Click here to place your order.

Product Description:

  • Measures approximately 4 tall
  • Rope attached to hook for easy hanging
  • Head, hands, and hook made of latex
  • White clothe covered in faux blood