Breaking News: Evil Dead Remake Trailer Leaked

I hope you got your Evil Ash mask ordered, because Evil Dead costumes are totally coming back. Why’s that? Well, as if summoned by yesterday’s blog post, the trailer for the Evil Dead remake has surfaced on the Internet.

And from the looks of it, this movie is going to be horrifying – and not in the jump-tactics kind of horrifying. No, this film looks to combine aesthetics with a tried-and-true story, revitalizing a classic for the modern era.

But enough chit-chat, watch the trailer, before it gets pulled for being leaked material.

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

6 thoughts on “Breaking News: Evil Dead Remake Trailer Leaked

  1. buxy

    What? It was a classic Sam Raimi/Bruce Campbell horror comedy…..nothing was like it….Evil Dead was in a class by itself. Now this remake is just standard gore with what looks like no comedic elements whatsoever. Why bother???

  2. Ben12602

    You’re confusing Evil Dead with Army of Darkness. Evil Dead was meant to be pure gory horror but comes off as cheesy funny just because of it’s age and how low budget it is. This reboot is now the same, meant to be gory horror like the original but now has the effects and technology to make it so. I’m a huge fan of the original and personally CAN’T WAIT to see this reboot.

  3. zombiehorror

    So many people complaining about this mention the lack of humor?! WTF? If you were really such big fans you’d know that Evil Dead was not humorous, that didn’t happen until the original Evil Dead remake, Evil Dead II!!

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