This Friday our favorite little tribute is taking back the big screen once again, but this time she’s rocking Hollywood as a blonde bomb shell! That is right people, Jennifer Lawrence is back! Friday marks the much anticipated release of director Mark Tonderai The House at the End of the Street.

The film features Jennifer Lawrence, Max Thieroit and Elisabeth Shue and tells the story of a mother daughter pair who move to a new town looking for a new start. What they find is a terror that they never could have imagined….

But seriously guys, why is it always the last house on the street that has some ungodly horror residing within? We here at frightcatalog are trying to figure out what is behind Hollywood’s big obsession with the last house.  Think about all the movies that involve a house and being at the end of a street!

What about all the houses in the middle? Or the first house on the street? Or a house on a Cul De Sac?! Don’t any of people living in those houses get to have terrifying, dark histories?  We certainly think so! In fact, every Halloween it seems that those modest houses in America’s suburbs are always the ones that come up BIG with the decorations.

So this October Frightcatalog is initiating a call to arms! Let your FREAK FLAG FLY and let’s take back the scary! Let’s take back the morbid and the terrifying! No longer will we sit idly by and allow all of the last houses out there to corner the market on fear. We want you to give it all you got this year and decorate your house!

Post your pictures on our Facebook page or in the comment section! Let’s make suburbia get scary!
And don’t forget to check out for some awesome decorations. We offer hundreds of spooky skeletons, inflatable giants and haunting specters to polish off all Halloween tributes! Like this inflatable Staypuff marshmallow man! We Know Dan Aykroyd would approve!



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