Remake of Beauty and the Beast? By director of Silent Hill? Yes, please!

Christophe Gans, director behind Silent Hill and Brotherhood Of The Wolf, is scheduled to make his own version of the iconic classic Beauty and the Beast. The two stars of the film will be Vincent Cassel, who acted in Black Swan, Out Day Will Come, and Sheitan, and Lea Seydoux, best known from Inglorious Basterds.

Christophe Gans.

Although there are no raw details of the plot currently available, Gans has said, Although I will keep to a form of storytelling of this timeless fairy tale that is in keeping with the same pace and characters as the original, I will surprise the audience by creating a completely new visual universe.

Vincent Cassel.

Since the project is still in such early days of development, there is no news as to what genre the film will fall into, though one can expect to be horror. After all, Gan is the direction behind Silent Hill. Assuming Gans continues down the path his previous work has taken, this film will not be filled with Disney princesses singing songs and performing choreographed dances.



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