Handmade Gothic Dolls Available at FrightCatalog.com

When it comes to horror, FrightCatalog.com prides itself on being ahead of the curve, which is why we feverishly scour for new, unique products – the kind you literally will not find anywhere else. Our most recent discovery came from an independent artist in Southern California, a woman who specializes in creating handmade Gothic dolls.

Each doll is individually crafted, not made by a machine in some foreign country. The dolls range from a Day of the Dead nun to a vampire girl with mouths for eyes and these are only two of the thirty options available.

If you have any kind of love for the macabre, these dolls should seize your heart with horrifying joy. We listed the dolls online on our eBay store some days ago, with the prices starting at one penny one penny! but the auctions still have some days to run. Check out some of the dolls listed below, and then toss your bid into the mix.

Click a picture to jump to the doll’s eBay page (or click here to head to our eBay store):



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