Sixty-Four Horror Films in Five Minutes

If youre anything like the me, you hate Tuesdays. Sure, Mondays catch the most flak, what with its the-weekend-is-too-short, I-hate-my-job feeling, but at least the weekend absence from work gives you something to talk with coworkers about on Monday. Hey, Frank, what’d you do this weekend? Sell Halloween props? Wow, tell me about it.

Tuesdays, though, are transitional days, carrying you from the dreadful start of the week to the glorious midweek hump known as Wednesday. The only other transitional day is Thursday, which has the looming boon of Friday being only 24-hours away, followed quickly by the weekend. No, Tuesdays are the worst of the weekdays – the epitome of a nine-to-five lifestyle; the bane of an exciting life.

Thankfully, we here at share this distaste for Tuesdays, so were always on the lookout for something to put a pep in our Tuesday step. Today, on this Tuesday, we stumbled upon a video that crams sixty-four horror films into a five-minute trailer.

Give it a gander, let the familiar horror films flow through your fleshy eyes, and remember, the weekend is only three more days away.



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