The Munsters Are Getting A Reboot

We live in an era of remakes and reimaginings, and The Munsters, the 1960s American television show about a family of monsters, is the latest installment to get a swift boot back into mainstream media.

According to, Bryan Fuller, one of the core writers behind the television series Pushing Daisies, is credited with coming up with the reboots story. While the original Munsters show focused on campy, wholesome comedy and family ties, The Munsters reboot has its roots in modern-day drama, action-packed suspense, and some goofball silliness. Also, the original was only 30 minutes long, while the reboot is expected to be an hour’s worth of entertainment for each show.

the munsters reboot

The reboot of The Munsters will see the story centered on Eddie Munster, the pre-teen werewolf with a heart of compassion, who is trying to come to terms with his werewolf transformations.

As for the other characters, Herman Munster is said to be more of a stud, who loves too much. Lily Munster, the perpetually beautiful matriarch of the family, works at a pet store, where she uses her magic to get the job done quickly. Grandpa Munster is a full-blown vampire, feasting on animals and struggling with a growing urge to consume human blood. Marilyn Munster, the only true human of the family, is the shows female sex appeal.

The show is expected to air sometime in 2012.



5 thoughts on “The Munsters Are Getting A Reboot”

  1. They did in the late ’80s It was called “The Munsters Today”
    but it was more about having the ’60s Munsters waking up after a 20 year nap (because of a failed Grandpa invention)and having to deal with the 1980’s
    Plus they made a couple of TV movies

  2. Okay some of it sounds great and interesting but honestly Lily as a witch? She is related to Grandpa. And Grandpa as a blood addicted fiend? Please! That is so wrong!
    Just do us a favor and leave the Munsters buried. The original was the best and every time someone comes up with an idea it ruins the prestige of the series.

  3. …why fuck w/ somethin that is so perfect…how u save wonderful shows like this is digitally restoring them not re-producin trash…WTF…i love this show & still find myself lookin for it…;)

  4. I would have loved to have seen a new Munster reboot. As all the others that were made when this was too come out failed to make it onto tv. A show set around Eddie who would finally become a werewolf. There was one Munster movie were he actually did transform under a picture of a full moon.

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