Top 6 Funniest Halloween Prank Videos

Mischief and Halloween go together like summer and bikinis. This mischief is often created by bored children, specifically teenagers, but countless adults are also swept away with Halloween’s torrents of trouble. The fake blood, the Halloween decorations, and the costumes just make it too easy to play pranks on people. And we are more than happy to observe the outcome.

So buckle up and sit back – let’s get this roller coaster started.

#6 – Epic Halloween Prank:

Some say this video’s fake. Sure, it might be, but it’s still hilarious.

#5 – Math Teacher:

Prank is putting this video heavily. No one was injured, and no one was shocked or appalled. If anything, these students just realized that their teacher is a total badass.

#4 – Trick or Treat with Timmy:

This video taught me that the older someone is, the longer it takes them to realize its a prank. The best reaction is the party debating who should touch the prop. Joe, you’re the biggest guy here, so you have to touch him.

#3 – Japanese Show:

I don’t understand what’s going on here, nor do I understand why everyone looks so nauseous. But damn it, its hilarious.

#2 – Halloween Punch:

Kid gets wrecked. Nuff said.

#1 – Motorcycle Skeleton:

The motorcycle-riding skeleton sets the prank up, but that screaming mans voice brings it home.

Affordable Animated Halloween Props

Top Outdoor Halloween Decorations

As one of the largest suppliers of Halloween props, we have a huge selection of animatronics, animated decorations, and moving props. Most of these animated Halloween props are expensive, some going far into the thousands. Rather than break the bank, we gathered up the economical animatronics, so your shopping experience is easy, more pleasurable. Look over the list, find the ones that work with your decorations, and then enjoy the ensuing screams.

Cocoon Peeper Mummy: This mummy has been consumed, wrapped in spider webbing, and now lives its life within the sticky confines. The prop measures 60 wide, 17 wide, and 10 thick. The prop requires 3 AAA batteries, which are not included with the purchase. The prop is sound activated. Activation causes the eyes to move side to side.

halloween props1

Spinning Head Possessed Baby: Babies are among the most horrifying of creations, especially when they are birthed from Hell. This possessed little demon is approximately 16 tall. The prop is made of latex. Inside the baby is a concealed motion detector. Activation causes the babys head to spin around, while playing baby sounds. The prop requires 2 AA batteries, which are not included with purchase. LED eyes light up.

halloween props2

Fresh Cut Heart with Pump: Designed to replicate the imagery of a heart pumping blood, even after removal from the chest cavity, this animatronic prop is perfect for gory Halloween scenes. The prop features a pumping heart on a cutting board. The heart pumps liquid across the cutting board. Prop is intended to run for only four (4) to six (6) hours per day.

halloween props3

Dark Magic Book: The Dark Magic Book is designed to open slowly whenever someone passes by. Book requires 3 AA batteries, which are not included with purchase. When the book is open, it says one of three sayings: Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!; Round about the cauldron go, in the poisoned entrails throw! Sweltered venom, sleeping got, boil though first in the charmed pot! Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!; Ah, I see my next ingredient has arrived! With you, my spell no longer deprived! Just a morsel I will take, in the cauldron boil and bake, your youth and flesh, the only price – to ensure me of eternal life! Ah-hah-ha-ha-ha-ha!; Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hah! Another foolish child dares to trespass on this wicked place? Here now a spell to remove that smile from your pretty face! Hoggles and haggerdash, and eyes of a crow – all powers are mine now, and all that you know! Ha-ha-ha!

halloween props4

Top Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Top Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween is one of the only holidays spent primarily outside. Parents and children walk the streets, searching for candy, treats, and other goodies. Teenagers prowl the evening for mischief. College students hop from bar to bar, party to party, or hand out candy. Countless adults and elderly individuals, hoping to hand out treats to smiling children, decorate their lawn with outdoor Halloween decorations.

Since so many individuals are out and about, outdoor Halloween decorations are essential. They are the tools to attract, to lure individuals inward. These are the best outdoor Halloween decorations for seducing individuals closer, then striking upon them with primal fear.

RIP Light-up Skull Tombstone: This 22 tall tombstone is the perfect lawn ornament. Both the eyes and the RIP saying light up. The tombstone is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Purchase includes two stakes for installing the tombstone into the earth. While other tombstones merely sit, exist, and do nothing, this light-up tombstone sheds some ambiance on the evening.

halloween decorations1

Ghostly Lawn Group: If there is one place that ghosts love to hang out on, it would be the lawn. They are attracted to these areas like moths to the flame. Instead of hanging your head out the window all night, this ghastly decoration brings ghosts crashing down upon your lawn. The prop features three ghosts, which attach to the earth with stakes, who can be easily moved. Add in some extra decorations to really spook out the area.

halloween decorations2

9 Pumpkin Stack: Inflatable products have always been a huge hit during Halloween, and now this inflatable pumpkin stack is yours to enjoy. Fully inflated, stack measures approximately 9 tall. Individuals will stop and stare up at the smiling pumpkins. Thats when you hit them with some fear.

halloween decorations3

Zombie Zone: Whoa, slow down there, cowboy. You’re wandering into zombie territory, the worst kind of territory to wander into, you know. Now your guests can realize when the territory turns into something wicked. The sign utilizes the usual warning sign symbolism yellow with black figures so individuals will attract to the odd spectacle.

halloween decorations4

These outdoor Halloween decorations combine the eccentric nature of Halloween with the spooky ambiance of horror. They can be used alone or with other Halloween decorations. Do not stop until you have achieved the ideal image of scariness.

Capgras Delusion: Someone stole my loved one!

Taking a quick break from the candy and Halloween decorations, let’s look at something more deliciously creepy: Capgras Delusion.

Discovered in 1923, Capgras Delusion is described as a disorder in which a person holds a delusion that a friend, spouse, parent, or other close family member has been replaced by an identical-looking impostor.

That’s right the individual suffering from Capgras Delusion will fully believe that someone stole/kidnapped/murdered their loved one, then replaced them.

Here’s an example from NPR:

A 37-year-old woman came into the office of Carol Berman, a psychiatrist at New York University Medical Center, with a strange complaint. She had returned to her house recently to find a man sitting on her couch. He was familiar, sort of, and he was wearing her husband’s clothes. But something didn’t feel right to this woman. She felt a strange kind of emptiness when she looked at him. She was struck by the very deep sense that her husband had somehow been replaced by this strange man.

Here’s another one:

A student at the University of California, San Diego was severely injured in a car accident. After several weeks in a coma, he regained consciousness and seemed to be doing fine. But according to V.S. Ramachandran, a neuroscientist at the university, when the patient’s mother came to see him, he exclaimed, ‘Who is this woman? She looks just like my mother, but she’s an impostor! She’s some other woman pretending to be my mother.’

capgras delusion
Here’s how the Dinosaur Comics explained it.

When looking at the cause for Capgras Delusion, one must first look at prosopagnosia. Individuals with prosopagnosia are unable to consciously recognize faces, but they can still recognize other visual objects. (They can tell cat from cup, but not an anonymous woman from their mother.) In a 1984 study on prosopagnosia, it was shown that individuals with prosopagnosia had unconscious emotional reactions to the faces of their loved ones. Consciously, they could not visually recognize their loved ones. Unconsciously, they still held emotions to their loved one’s faces.

It has been hypothesized that Capgras Delusion mirrors the effects of prosopagnosia. Consciously, individuals with Capgras Delusion will visually recognize their loved one’s face – I know this face! Unconsciously, they hold no emotional connection to the face – But something feels not quite right! Thus, we have individuals recognizing their loved ones, without the emotional memories of why they recognize them – “I know this man, but he is not the man I know!”

But let’s go one step further:

Let’s say that a mother calls her son. The son suffers from Capgras Delusion. Hearing his mother’s voice on the telephone, the son recognizes that it is his mother – he fully believes that his mother is on the phone. They end their conversation, then the mother walks into the same room as the son. Even though he just heard her voice fully believed it was her the son cannot visually understand that the woman standing in front of him is his mother.

His mind literally cannot comprehend this fact.

That’s Capgras Delusion, and it’s one of the creepiest psychological phenomena that I’ve ever heard about.

Top 4 Tips for Spooking Out Halloween Props

Top 4 Tips for Spooking Out Halloween Props

Imagine stumbling across a lawn littered with random Halloween props. There are clowns in the bushes. There’s a werewolf hanging from a tree. There are pumpkins on the roof of the house. You may stop, stare, and say, Yup, those are Halloween props, then continue walking.

Now, let’s say you were walking along and stumbled across a lawn covered in fog. The sight of the rolling fog takes you by surprise. There’s no fog anywhere else, you say. I wonder where it’s coming from. Then you walk closer, trying to find the origin of the fog. That’s when you hear music playing softly somewhere closer to the house. You stumble over a bunch of bones sticking out of the ground. A silhouette of a hanging corpse is in the window of the house. Lights flicker on the porch. Your heart pounds, and your head tells you to turn around run away, back to the street.

That’s how you use Halloween props. Fear stems from ambiance, not from cluttered Halloween props. And we’re here to help give you the top 5 tips for spooking out your Halloween prop. By the end you will have some tools to take scenario one and turn it into scenario two.

Smoke Machines: The fog in the second scenario was generated by smoke machines. While the use of a smoke machine may seem intimidating, they are very easy to use and very easy to maintain. Smoke machines come in varying sizes and wattage, with each machine producing different smoke results. Some blanket the ground with a thin sheet of fog, while others create rolling, puffy cloud coverage. Research your smoke machines before you finalize any purchase.

fog machine

Cobweb Effects: There is so much potential hidden within cobweb effects. Sure, you could stretch them out, stick them to a corner of your room, and leave them. But that’s rather simple and boring. Instead, place a red light behind the cobweb, thus giving the white web a blood-red hue. Even better, put the cobwebs in a pitch-black area, then place a flickering light behind them. The random pattern will surely spook out some people.

cobweb effects

Lights: Visual stimulation plays a vital role in creeping out your victims. Walking into a bright room is much different than walking into a darkened room, especially if there are shadows dancing on the wall. Utilize lights to create an intense image of insanity. Flickering lights work really well, but you are the only one who can determine which works the best.

halloween lights

Lawn Decorations: If you do not mind tearing up your lawn a bit, you can definitely heighten the Halloween experience with some torn earth. Bury some of your Halloween props in dirt, giving them an image of breaking out of a grave. Turn a section of your lawn into a graveyard. The smoke machine will definitely help give it some spook ambiance. Grass grows back, but Halloween only comes once per year.

outdoor halloween props

Top 4 Places to Put Halloween Decorations

Top 4 Places to Put Halloween Decorations

Even if you bought the best, most expensive, most detailed of Halloween decorations, poor placement can ruin their spooky potential. You cannot simply stick a corpse in a tree and call it scary, nor can you scatter bones about your living room and assume its creepy. It takes proper planning, diligently placing each of your Halloween decorations so as to create a complex web of sights, sounds, and ambiance.

If you want to create an exciting, memorable Halloween experience, here’s the locations to make it happen:

Kitchen: The morbid potential of your kitchen is nearly limitless. Normally, you want your cutlery, cooking area, and food to be sterile acceptable for consumption. Instead, turn that notion upside down through the use of Halloween decorations. Dump blood in the sink. Scatter organs and fingers and other fleshy bits across the cooking area. Purchase synthetic food that looks rotten, moldy. All of this imagery will overload your guests, hopefully causing stomachs to turn, kick, and lurch.

creepy kitchenware

Lawn: Unless you’re throwing a party or running a haunted house, your lawn is going to be the most viewed area. No matter the size of your lawn, all of that grass- or stone-covered earth holds great potential for your Halloween decorations. If you care to dig up your lawn a bit, half-bury some bones or zombie props. Turn your lawn into a thriving graveyard of undead monstrosities. To complete the ambiance, purchase a smoke machine and Gothic fencing.

halloween decorations

Porch: While still within the vicinity of your lawn, the porch is quite a different decorative demon to tackle. It gives you the outdoor atmosphere, without the outdoor earth. From hanging out candy to welcoming guests, countless individuals will be venturing up to your porch. Use this predetermine pathway to guide your guests into a spooky ensemble of Halloween decorations. Create a path of flickering lights. Welcome your guests with an animatronic prop. Just keep people coming forward, then hit them with the scariest prop when they have reached the actual porch.

halloween lights

Living Room: As the room that most individuals will be walking through or hanging out in, the living room must be carefully decorated. You do not want to clutter the room with large, obscure props, which get in the way of moving and socializing. However, you also want props that break the ice between strangers something for people to talk about. Decorate the walls, then focus on a central piece within the room. Purchase a large, detailed central piece and you will be all set.

indoor halloween decorations