Top 5 Mismatched Adult Costume Themes

Halloween is almost here and it’s time to bust out your spooky adult costume. What’s it going to be this year? Vampire? Zombie? Maybe you’ll go really crazy and dress as a werewolf, right?


Zombies, werewolves, vampires, ghosts, they’re boring, plain, lackluster. Sure, they’re traditional monsters and everyone loves them, but that’s the problem: everyone loves them. Halloween is about letting your morbid creativity run wild. Instead of following the norms of Halloween, read on and learn how mismatching themes can easily heighten your Halloween experience.

Vampire Smurfs:

Walk into a party as a Smurf and people may give you some odd looks, depending on your age group. You’re blue, you’re attracting a lot of attention, and you’re a cartoon character that has only recently seen a slight increase in popularity. But when everyone has already established that you are just another plain old Smurf, you flash your pearly fangs and show off your neck bites! You’re not just any plain Smurf, you’re Vampire Smurf, who smurfs the smurfingest smurfs that ever smurfed! Oh, I can smurf the screams already.

adult costume
“I’m here to smurf…”
adult costume
“…your blood!”








Undead Mascot:

Mascots are among the most annoying creations of mankind. They’re loud, they’re stupid, and they’re designed to attract attention. But what happens when a mascot dies, or, better yet, what happens when a mascot comes back from death? That’s right we’re talking about an undead mascot, a mascot beaten to death by rabid fans and brought back to life. Tear up your mascot costume, throw some blood on it, and turn that cute image into an abomination built for Hell. It’s not cheers you’re looking for this time – it’s revenge.

adult costume
These things are so stupid.
fake blood
But with a little blood, they’re terrifying.








The Gaga Werewolf:

When the moon is full and the land is covered in darkness, the electronic funk of Lady Gaga fills the air with a deep chill, howling through streets and alleyways with a desire to just dance. Explode onto the party scene with the ferocity of a wolf, the intensity of the Gaga, and the paparazzi are sure to follow. Teeth bared, standing on the edge of glory, the horrific combination of werewolf and Gaga is so exotic, so unique, that the Mama Monster herself would be proud to steal your idea and call it her own.

adult costume
It’s not her talent that made her famous.
adult costume
She was born this way.








Frankenstein’s Monster, MD:

Frankenstein’s Monster sick of being told he too dumb to learn, sick of being told he too ugly to doctor. Frankenstein’s Monster going to be better doctor than Frankenstein. Best doctor in world! Go back to college, collect large student debt, become best doctor, develop drinking problem, cure world of ailments! Frankenstein’s Monster doctors where he pleases. Bloody scrubs? Frankenstein’s Monster do not care about cross contamination. Rusty tools? Do not care! Frankenstein’s Monster doctors where he pleases!

adult costume
Safety procedures?
adult costume
Doctors where he pleases!








A Wizard Dressing as a Muggle:

Sure, everyone wants to be Harry Potter or Hermione, but what about the wizards who just want to fit in with the muggles? After living with wizards for so long, you forget how to be an average human, and you lose all sense of fashion. Do ties go around the neck, or around the waist? Are mismatching shoes and socks correct? How many shirts do muggles wear? These are the questions that plague wizards daily, and now they’re the questions that can make your adult costume amazing.

adult costume
Combine this shirt…
adult costume
…with these flaming awesome pants!



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