The SlutWalk: Strut Your Stuff, Ladies (and Gentlemen).

As a red-blooded American male, I take a strong pride in the amount of attractive women we have strutting around our cities, grocery stores, and college campuses. However, it is Toronto, Canada, that is stealing the limelight, for their attractive women have taken to the streets, wearing some of the most revealing and sexually alluring clothing, in a rally known as the SlutWalk.

The SlutWalk was held on April 3rd, 2011, in Toronto, Canada, and, as evident by the above video, has since been sparking similar movements around the world. It is open to all races, sexes (yes, even men can join the fun), and sexual orientations. The clothing and attire that individuals wear during the march has ranged from absurdly revealing to extremely conservative, depending on the wearer’s willingness to show skin. The point of the rally, though, is not simply to show off your skin to those who care enough to gawk. No, the point is to protest the common belief that female rape victims are often asking for it.

slutwalkOn January 24th, 2011, Constable Michael Sanguinetti and another officer were speaking at York University. Sanguinetti said that women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized. He later apologized for insinuating that dressing like a slut assumes that you will be raped.

But the controversy goes deeper:

During a rape case in February of 2011, Justice Robert Dewar claimed that the victim’s behavior and attire a tube top and heels may have given the attacker the wrong impression. Dewar also said that the victim was drinking and was wearing makeup, thus putting herself at risk of being raped. However, since the judge felt that the defendant was not threatening only insensitive to the fact (she) was not a willing participant – the defendant will serve no jail time. Basically, a man raped a woman and the judge believed that her attire and behavior caused her to deserve it.

The SlutWalk is a public outcry to rework the understanding of our society. While the SlutWalk is not specifically stating that individuals, both men and women, should be allowed to wear whatever they desire, it is stating that dressing like a slut should not assume that you want to be raped. Hell, I’ve seen some slutty womens Halloween costumes, but never have I thought that rape was the perfect response. This should be common sense, but apparently there are some animals out there who feel entitled to rape anyone dressed in anything even close to revealing.

An example of SlutWalk signs.

Attendants have brought signs that read Sluts have dreams too, NOT asking for it, Proud sluts, and Police look like sluts to uniform fetishists. Some of the men who participated brought signs that read Real men take no for an answer, Real men don’t rape, and Sluts are not as disgusting as Toronto police services.



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