The Hobbit Production Trailer

Bust out your Lord of the Rings costumes, read up on your Tolkien, and get ready for the next installment in the Lord of the Rings theatrical series: The Hobbit. Set some years before The Fellowship of the Ring, The Hobbit follows the adventures of a young Bilbo Baggins. While traveling to the Lonely Mountain with a band of dwarves, Bilbo finds himself encountering all sorts of fantastical creatures, including the dragon Smaug. Danger, fantasy, Halflings, dragons, what more could you need in a movie?

While it will still be some time before we see Peter Jacksons vision, a From Production video was released onto the Internet today, starring the infamous Peter Jackson himself. He leads the viewer through the various parts of the films production, from the artists to the visually attractive movie sets. If you are as diehard a fan as me, this is an astonishing glimpse into the magic behind the movie. Pay extra special attention to the detail in the weaponry.

You can view The Hobbit production trailer here!

To truly capture the full story within The Hobbit, Peter Jackson is breaking the movie into two separate parts, with the first movie coming out sometime in 2012 and the second in 2013. If we followed the previous movies length, we are looking at a 5- to 6-hour film, with a years worth of intermission. From Peter Jackson, I would expect nothing less.

Some say that the Lord of the Ring series is the greatest series of all time. These people are correct; everyone else is wrong. Sure, if you have yet to see the Lord of the Rings, your ignorance is excusable. But if you have seen the movies and still do not enjoy them, then you should see a doctor something is wrong with you. Go back and watch, or read, the series again.



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