The Zombie Fortress

While the Internet is home to countless sub-genres baring electronic teeth and fangs at each other, it is also a place where pure, unadulterated creativity can be cultivated and grown. Earlier this month, the social site known infamously as Reddit created a running gag involving an abandoned mine in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. This is the coal mine:

zombie fortress
The original zombie fortress photo.

Mitsjol, one of the many users of Reddit, submitted the previous photo under the title of This would make an awesome anti-zombie fortress. In typical Internet unpredictability, the photo took off and spawned some of the craziest, most hilarious photo alterations to ever involve an anti-zombie fortress.

One user challenged the claim that such a place would be a near impenetrable fortress against the swarms of the undead. This was their counterargument:

zombie fortress
The zombie fortress counterargument.

However, another user decided to take the photo into the realm of realism. The user analyzed the photo and created a rough mathematical calculation to predict exactly how many zombies would have to pile up to reach the first window. Here is his photographic submission:

zombie fortress
Oh snap!

With all eyes on the photo, and countless individuals striving for attention, the photo exploded around the electronic world. Individuals began adding their own touch of creativity, placing the zombie fortress in space, Star Wars, and a recreation in the popular online game Minecraft. Rather than search the Internet for these photos, here is a condensed gallery of them:

zombie fortress
The zombie fortress in Minecraft, which is like Legos but not as cool.
zombie fortress
Papercraft zombie fortress.
zombie fortress
Battle-ready zombie fortress!
zombie fortress
The fortress is nearly as tall as the mountain…
star wars zombie fortress
Go for the legs!
zombie fortress
There’s the tower in the background.
zombie fortress
It really is the only way to be safe.

The actual building was also found by a brother of an individual on Reddit. To prove it, he took a picture:

zombie fortress
The real zombie fortress.

As a parting note, here’s a zombie wedding cake:



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