Hornet Horror

Reason 1,203 why the Midwest is scary: The European Giant Hornet.

The European hornet was introduced to North America by colonists from Europe. It is almost twice the size of a regular hornet (about 1 1/2-2 inches), and are a reddish-brown color. Queens lay eggs in the spring and summer, and the new wasps mature by late summer and early fall (in other words, now). They are identified by their loud buzzing, which kind of sounds like a chainsaw cutting through a steel pipe. They are less aggressive than other wasps, but will attack to defend their nest. Where do they like to build their nests? Inside houses. Oh, and they are the only wasp or bee that comes out at night and during the day.

I discovered these existed the other night when I plucked one out of my hair. Thankfully, it was more concerned with flying into the wall than with stinging me all over my face. I’m thinking about getting this prop to teach them a lesson. Fighting giant bees with giant bees!



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