Real Life “Finger Food” Incidents – Gross!

Take a look at these stomach turning real life stories:


1. Wendy’svChili – A 39-year old San Jose woman planted a real human finger in her Wendy’s chili and told police she found it there. In actuality, her husband bought if from his co-worker after it was chopped off in an industrial accident. DNA tests confirmed the identity of the finger. The woman, Anna Ayala, said she cooked the finger (to medium-well doneness) and kept it in her freezer for a month. She served four years in prison and is banned from Wendy’s for life.

(After this famous story, I still can’t bring myself to eat the chili, even though I know the finger was planted!)


2. Prisoner Gets Fingered- An inmate in Pelican Bay State Prison was eating a frozen dinner and “chewed on a crunchy object” in his cornbread. There had been an accident in the factory that made the frozen dinner earlier that day (a worker severed the tip of his finger while cleaning out the cornbread machinery). Ironically, the prisoner was Buddhist, and vegetarian. He lost 15 pounds in six days because he couldn’t eat and had to go to counseling.

3. TGI Friday’s Fast Food Finger – A customer found a piece of finger in his burger. The kitchen manager cut himself, and no one realized where the piece of finger went. Oops!


4. Chocolate Finger Chip Ice Cream– A North Carolina man found part of a severed index finger packed inside a pint of frozen chocolate custard. The finger belonged to a grocery store employee. “I thought it was candy because they put candy in your ice cream or whatever to make it a treat,” he told the Associated Press. When he realized what it was, he “just started screaming.”

5. Ham Finger Sandwiches – A Tampa couple found part of a finger in a ham they bought at a supermarket. They were going boating and were craving ham sandwiches. The couple sued the store, and claimed to be in great distress. How upset could they be? the store argued. They still ate the ham.

Source: Gendy Alimurung from LA Weekly

Bloody Banquet Deluxe Party Kit

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