It’s Alive!

This is one of those news stories that reads like the first chapter of an apocalyptic horror story: Scientists create artificial, self-replicating DNA cells that they plan to manipulate into synthetic bacteria to be released into the air in an effort to reverse damage to the environment. I’m not making this up.


To be fair, I’m not afraid of technology in general. I don’t live in fear of genetically modified vegetables, nuclear power, or DDT. What’s frightening about unleashing microscopic artificial life into the air we breathe, aside from, well, unleashing microscopic artificial life into the air we breathe, are the Utopian suggestions that, in effect, it can allow humans to control the environment and bring about world peace (or at least eradicate our dependency on oil by using the buggers to create fuel). Anything that appears so too-good-to-be-true is bound to bite us on the ass. And, I mean, think about it: in theory (not established scientific theory, but theory) self-aware micro-organisms could fly in through your nose and mouth and take over your brain and body. Not to mention the bodies of dead people. Just saying….

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