Fulci’s Zombie vs. Shark All Over TV

I was knocked over when I saw the new Windows 7 ad, which features a clip from Lucio Fulci’s 1979 film “Zombi 2” (aka “Zombie” and “Zombie 2: The Dead are Among Us” in the US). The Italian “zombie vs. shark” scene is a cult classic, but the clip’s relative obscurity made it possible for the ad to recontextualize it — it’s not a movie clip in the ad, but a nature documentary streamed from the fictional “Zombie Companion” Website that describes the zombie’s “loving bond with its fellow man-eater, the Great White.” Which begs the question: Do David and his roommates live in an alternate post-zombie outbreak universe? Is “Intel WiDi” even real? Still, best Windows 7 ad ever!

Check out the uncut zombie vs. shark scene here.

Fun fact: “Zombi 2” is not actually a sequel. The first “Zombi” is Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead” (“Zombi” was its Italian title). The name was changed to lead people to believe it was connected to the popular American series. Despite the cheesy marketing ploy, “Zombi 2” is a classic in its own right. Let’s see if the exposure from the Windows ad leads to a run on Man-Eating Shark costumes to pair with Zombie costumes this year!

UPDATE: Since this morning, a site called zombiecompanion.com has gone live. It’s not the site in the ad, but it has some slapped-up information on “Zombi 2” and video of the Windows zombie ad, plus a bunch of Adsense ads. Doesn’t appear to be done by Microsoft, but someone trying to cash in on the fact that people (like me) will try and look up the site in the commercial. Why didn’t Microsoft think of that?



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