Monthly Archives: September 2009

Crazy Week Over At Fright Catalog

Wow, what a crazy week its been. The season is upon us and I’ve been working non-stop to be a part of it. Between getting Fright Catalog back online, looking over new product and listing items on eBay, I’ve hardly had time to update this blog. Well, there is a lot of exciting news to tell, so lets get to it!

  • Fright Catalog Going Back Online

That’s right ghouls and ghosts, Fright Catalog will be re-launching this week with new product for the 2009 Halloween season. Make sure to check us out for all your costume needs this year, as we continue to be the best online store for Halloween!

  • Ghost Droppings: A Community For All Things Creepy

Looking for great Halloween ideas this year? If you haven’t already, come check out Sponsored and run by your friends at Fright Catalog, Ghost Droppings is a place where the Halloween community can come together to share ideas, read articles, post pictures and be part of a great, ever growing community.

  • Fright Catalog Still Going Strong at eBay

For those of you who haven’t heard or checked it out, Fright Catalog has been posting hundreds of brand new items every week on our eBay Store. With the 2009 season on top of us, we need to make more room for this years stock. This means amazing savings for you, and more room for us to store our new stock. So come on by and see what we have for auction!

No New Fright Catalog This Year :(

I know I know. Most everyone is going to hate this including me but we ran into some issues with the catalog this year. The issues mainly revolve around printing and mailing costs and the fact that they have been going up for a long time. We just couldn’t justify the catalog this year based on those costs. We are working on a way to bring it back for 2010 but we are at least taking this year off from printing a catalog.

Ordering on will be back soon

Our evil web overlord Bill is working like the devil to get ordering back up for Fright Catalog. We expect it to be soon loaded with tons of new products for Halloween 2009. In the mean time you can go to for a huge costume selection or check out our penny auctions on eBay,