Phones, cars, skyscrapers, plains-who needs all that hubbub? Get back to nature when you dress up in one of our Avatar Costumes for this Halloween. Whether you're going through a bit of a transition phase or ruling the scene like a jungle queen, put on these get-ups and you're sure to feel like you're ten feet tall. Broody boys will love our Jake Sully outfits. Don't worry if you're not comfortable baring all-these modest costumes will give you a khaki top and pair of pants, keeping you nice and covered while you explore Pandora.

Communication is key when you're dealing with strangers, so make sure you're understood with the attached tail. Blend into the crowd with the striped blue sleeves and included Avatar mask. Take care of any pesky landlife with a Na'vi Spear. Ladies will get treated like royalty when they come to the party as Neytiri. Pull on one of these full-body outfits and you'll have bright blue skin struck through with dark stripes. Give yourself her gorgeous face with a Na'vi Makeup Kit, Neytiri Wig, and realistic Blue Alien Ears. Hop on your torak to hunt down dinner with a Na'vi Bow and Arrow and you'll be ready for the feast.

Whether you worship Eywa or hail from the Jarhead Clan, these Avatar costumes are perfect for you. Pick one out, get dressed up, and head over to the Hometree for a great party. Order your favorite today, or these deals might blow up before you can touch them.

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