80 Nights Til Halloween

That cold autumn chill is creeping ever so slowly. Like a fog, it comes closer and closer, and no one notices till it's too late. Commence panic! The 80 Nights Til Halloween selection will be the fog lights in the dense blindness that is scurrying for Halloween costume deals.

Before anyone notices, the racks are empty, stock is missing, and delivery trucks the nation over are scrambling to fulfill every order. Yet there is a silver lining: our 80s Nights Till Halloween collection contains frightening deals and lots of stock early so that you may be prepared for the spookiest night of the year. Your friends will get stuck with the leftovers or be forced to make a costume out of duct tape and call it "original." You, on the other hand, will have an outfit to be proud of, and because you got your deal so early, all that extra money you saved can be invested in extra decorations or accessories.

When the boogie man comes, don't freeze up and close your eyes in fear, put on your mask and scare it back.

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