101 Dalmatians

If you are anything like us, then the only thing better than one puppy is one hundred and one of them! Check out our wonderful collection of 101 Dalmatians costumes and accessories so you can show your love for those adorable Disney dogs. We have a great variety of items, including dalmatian outfits and kits, as well as Cruella de Vil costumes.

101 Dalmatians Costumes - Disney Cruella de Vil Fur Coat

Disney Cruella de Vil Fur Coat

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101 Dalmatians Costumes - Adult Cruella De Vil Dalmatian Costume

Adult Cruella De Vil Dalmatian Costume

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Disney's 101 Dalmatians follows the story of a male dalmatian and his owner, who are both bored living the single life. The dog drags his master to the park one day, where they run into a female dalmatian and her owner. The two dogs fall in love, as do the man and woman, and the dogs produce a litter of fifteen puppies. A wealthy and materialistic woman named Cruella de Vil attempts to buy the puppies, but the couple refuses her generous offer. Frustrated, Cruella hires two henchmen to steal the puppies for her. Ms. De Vil wants the puppies so she can skin them for their fur, which translates into a large profit for her. She has also kidnapped various other puppies for this same reason.

Pongo and Perdita, the father and mother dalmatians, find out that their puppies have been kidnapped by Cruella. The two dogs venture to Cruella's house to save their young, with a little bit of help from some friends. They are able to distract Cruella's henchmen while the puppies escape, and they get out of the house safely. Once reunited with their litter, Pongo and Perdita realize that they rescued way more than just their fifteen puppies. Nevertheless, the dogs decide to bring all of the rescued puppies home to their masters, knowing that they would never turn away puppies without a home. And so, the couple moves to a larger home in the country so they can house all 101 of their dalmatians.

Become a part of this wonderful story and get one of our 101 Dalmatians costumes today!

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