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Fight for the best Halloween ever and gear up in our X-Men Costumesand superhero accessories for adults and kids. Marvel's X-Men have gone through many different styles of uniforms over the generations and each character has his or her own unique design that differs slightly from the rest of the team. Wolverine outfits often feature the classic look which includes a yellow and blue bodysuit, face mask, and claw gloves. Variations such as the costumes from the movie "X-Men: Days of Future Past" are great for old and new fans alike. Other characters like Magneto and Mystique have their own flair too. Top off your superhero outfit with weapons and accessories specific to your hero.

X Men Costumes - Adult Wolverine Superhero Claws

Adult Wolverine Superhero Claws

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X Men Costumes - Wolverine X-Men Teen Bodysuit Costume

Wolverine X-Men Teen Bodysuit Costume

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X Men Costumes - Wolverine Claws

Wolverine Claws

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X Men Costumes - Child's Wolverine Deluxe Claw Gloves

Child's Wolverine Deluxe Claw Gloves

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The X-Men are a fighting team of mutants in the Marvel Comics universe who defend against evil plots by other mutants and corrupt bad guys. This superhero team consists of characters like Wolverine, Gambit, Jean Grey, Rogue, and Storm. Each team member has their own unique set of skills and powers, so together they form a well balanced fighting force. The X-Men are headed by Professor Xavier, a powerful psychic and founder of the world's foremost mutant academy. The best part about this group is that there is a character to fit everyone's likes. Get your friends to dress up as their favorites to create an X-Men group look.

Jump into action this Halloween or at your next comic convention in our X-Men costumes and accessories.

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